Elusive Hues: The young man who studied with a ghost

Friday, December 13, 2013

The young man who studied with a ghost

Ex school students in a private school in Merida lived with the banshee a colleague killed in a road accident.

 Today, I present a story that told me about a former student of the Peninsular Rogers College Hall of Merida , who , I must confess , I thought I was cheating when the first sentence said : "I studied with a ghost ."

However, when I explained the story to detail to understand exactly what he meant , ie , he studied with a young man who died in a car accident and then , making sure , spoke like a lost soul in that particular school.
I interviewed this former student during the lecture I gave at the Pantheon Florido as part of the "Walk of souls" in late October, and he said he studied his high school in the early nineties at the school and had a partner who he died in a road choqueen :
"It was terrible for our colleagues and even traumatic , for one day you see him as if nothing at school and the next day after the accident , and you realize you do not ever see ," he said .
"In fact, three of my colleagues said they appeared to them as banshee days after his death was shocking , because what was told in the classroom with tears in his eyes and I doubt bromearan that.
" Next year we left high school, we learned from the newspapers and magazine " Mysteries " that a ghost had appeared near the basketball court at the school and had been recorded in broad daylight with a cell ; my co- generation who heard it are sure that this is our friend , "he said .
It is worth mentioning that if we publish in this section last February, and literally turned it into the world, because the video was posted online and even analyzed by experts from other countries, who agreed that the recording was real.
He added: " Five years after we left we did the classic meeting of alumni , but more casual than anything, we gather in a cafe , we were fifteen , those closest to him and there were these three colleagues , who say that after graduation they could feel the presence of our dear friend on at least two occasions.
"What one says and what I remember is that one day I was in his room bouncing his basketball ball on the floor and suddenly it went to the opposite extreme, as if an invisible hand had given a slap to the ball , the funny thing is that our late friend and he practiced this sport was his teammate , think that in some ways he was making a joke or was there reminding .
" I personally only once I felt his presence and was at the wake , but the truth some people tell me it was suggestion, but I feel it was real what I experienced , and suddenly saw a figure next to the coffin he turned to see clearly again and saw her face , it was him , standing next to his own coffin staring at him , I told a mate but obviously did not believe me , "he concluded .
It should be remembered that once , when he was recorded on video ( 2004) tried to do some research within the school , and several students had reported the ghostly presence from days before that evidence was obtained , but school officials banned access the media or researchers, they wanted no " damage the image " of the school.

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