Elusive Hues: 70% of Chinese operatives suffer sexual harassment

Friday, December 13, 2013

70% of Chinese operatives suffer sexual harassment

The problem of sexual harassment is so severe that 15% of the victims had to leave work to escape their stalker.

SHANGHAI, China - . Nearly 70 % of women employed in factories in Guangzhou , China, suffering from " passionate outbursts " by men or sexually molested .
This emerges from a study and survey of an organization that defends the rights of women workers called Sunflower Women Workers Centre , reports ANSA America.

Harassment male colleagues and bosses were reported by 32% of the girls working on the assembly line , another 25 % receive telephone persistent sexual advances , while 30 % must support showing them pornographic images against their will. 43% suffers in silence.
The problem is so severe that 15% of the victims were left with no choice but to leave their jobs to escape her stalker.
The survey of 134 workers, predominantly from the production line, revealed that over 70 percent had been offensive, lewd jokes or whistles, while 32 percent reported that they were touched .
About 25 percent received obscene phone messages or 30 percent because they had shown sexual images he calls.
Even some women had witnessed or had indecent indecent propositions from their coworkers exhibitions.
About 43 percent of respondents said they experienced harassment in silence, while 47 % said they actively resisted the harassment. However, almost all respondents agreed that their employer , the union and the women's federation , and even the police would be of little help in resolving the problem.

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