Elusive Hues: Robots replace human labor in Google

Friday, December 13, 2013

Robots replace human labor in Google

 The company policy seeks to free people from monotonous and repetitive work in the assembly area .
 A new Google search ambitious replace people with robots in unskilled jobs. Existing robots are already sufficiently developed to move and move things . What is missing is a breakthrough in software and sensors.

So far most of the electronics assembly was human responsibility , even though according to Google policy , according to co-founder Larry Page , you need to automate and apply technologies as long as they can to liberate people having to make a monotonous and repetitive work.
Another area of ​​application of new technologies is largely logistics : robots replace humans in work load and transport things in factories , and homes of customers, according to the Russian news agency RT appointment .
This last idea is topical these days : the giant Amazon , the largest online retailer in the world, seeks to modernize the form of delivery of products to consumers, and announced that in the coming years this work will be done by drones .
So far Google has not revealed much information about the new project , however, has already invested a significant amount of resources , according to the newspaper the ' New York Times ' . The project leader is Andy Rubin, former head and co-founder of Android, Google another successful project .
Rubin does not seem to have scarce resources : in the last six months has already acquired at least seven companies innovative robotic technologies and artificial intelligence in Japan and the U.S., who have already had their own impressive developments in building robots, and seems this is not the limit.

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