Elusive Hues: HSBC: Why these 10 countries are best to emigrate ? Look at the reasons

Friday, December 13, 2013

HSBC: Why these 10 countries are best to emigrate ? Look at the reasons

 HSBC conducted a study and ranked the best places to live , based on experiences , economy and education of children abroad.
 Such experiences are included within these subcategories for each group. We have chosen the top 10 countries as a whole.

1. China: Surprised? While there are certainly negative when living in this communist country, with not very good results in raising children , the positive aspects are overwhelming factors .
China 's booming economy is second best in the world economy as expatriates. As one of them says , there are "good job opportunities with less competition."

 Quality of life ranks third with a nice , good and healthy local food culture , and the highest proportion in which to participate in any sport . There are many places to explore in the country, not to mention easily accessible region of Asia Pacific. Expatriates also have time for fun , with a fairly high score when it comes to balancing personal life and work . In addition 49% of expats polled think that this is improving .
Two . Germany is the best place in the world for expatriates to raise their children. The country also benefits from a stronger than most of Europe, with 87% of expatriates satisfied with the local economy, compared to an average of 53% in Europe 's economy. One negative is the high cost of living.
Three . Singapore: " The promotion of careers in Singapore will hand the benefits , while the parents say that the high quality of education and childcare justifies the prices ," said HSBC.
Singapore ranked second as best place to raise children abroad, along with the care and education, although it is expensive. Notably, the British Education Minister Michael Gove has suggested that the UK adopt a system similar to Singapore .
But to really feel comfortable in Singapore you should see your career driven . With low score in regards to work-life and work , 53% of expatriates say they are worried about their job security.
April . Cayman Islands: Expats enjoy the income and disposable income, ranking second in both categories. The country has a relatively high cost of living . The social life and work give the islands a high overall rating. People feel comfortable at work, do not have long commutes (or do not mind public transport) , and make friends easily . The climate is also positive.
May . Australia : Offering a high quality of life for expatriates to which they do not want to give up , says HSBC. Below the highest levels can easily adapt to the country , making local friends , weather, and other aspects such as overall experience in the country. Economically score is decent and has some other disadvantages , such as poor public transport.
6. Canada : is superior in terms of economy and general experience in the country and expatriate . A "surprising" 90 % of expatriates say they have a strong connection to the country compared with a global average of 66 %.
While expatriates feel slightly uncomfortable with the work environment , the work-life - work and social life , know that their children have good access to education and health services , with both high quality .
7. Russia: Appears to be a fun place to live , with high scores for entertainment, social life , adaptation to the country, to make friends easily , among other place . It is close to the last positions in regard to a healthy diet , perhaps due to the popularity of heavy foods and meats are high in cholesterol.
The quality of childcare is decent but expensive. In economic terms , expatriates reported relatively low incomes but high disposable income.
8. Belgium : It is highly valued in regard to raising children abroad , has ranked first in the categories of health, welfare and learning a new language.
The country was in the middle in the overall experience abroad and in the category of the economy, but has low seats for sport and healthy diet , which is not surprising when you consider the tradition of beer , chocolate and biscuits .
Belgium is also relatively free of violent crime, although thefts and muggings are common in larger cities.
9. UAE: They still have lots of well-paying jobs for expatriates , which are usually young . The rich country offers a good working environment and good choices for the education of children. Do not forget that here are hotels and shopping centers worldwide fame.
However, the culture is very different from the West . Islamic ideals and traditions make the country very conservative with the strict rules of public conduct . Expats have trouble making friends and join local community but apparently things are improving .
10. Hong Kong : It is quite separate from mainland China , maintaining its own currency and set of laws. The region occupies top positions in regards to raising children abroad and especially high in quality childcare .
Expats may have to get used to living in smaller than those in their home country areas, is not surprising , since it is one of the most expensive cities in the world and densely populated . Apparently , expatriates working very hard here, with a very low score in regards to the reconciliation between work and life .

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